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Masha: sweet Pekin duck

Full disclosure: I never wanted a duck. It was never in the plans. We had chickens, they were doing great, and I felt no need to add new species to the backyard flock.

HOWEVER... our avian vet was an absolutely amazing and wonderful person, so when she called us asking if we could provide a home to a darling duck in need, we OF COURSE said yes.

Masha had been raised by hand by a lovely young woman who was moving out of the country and couldn't take the duck with her. I was skeptical that a duck would be a good fit for us, but she LITERALLY jumped into my arms for a hug when I met her at the vet office, so that pretty much sealed the deal.

Masha's first new digs in our yard - she stayed separated in this little coop until the hens got used to a new bird being in the yard!

Masha quickly made friends in the yard. Most commonly she was seen sitting/standing/napping/swimming with her "sister" Nejwa, and she often hung out with none other than Isa the miracle chicken.

Masha was just so chill and friendly. She really didn't seem to mind being picked up, and often spent afternoons lounging in our laps.

One of the most adorable and endearing things about Masha was that she could go UP stairs but could not figure out how to get DOWN. She would often walk up the steps to the back patio, perch herself onto a chair, and then sit there literally ALL DAY because she could not get off the chair nor down the stairs. We ended up blocking the entrance to the stairs so that she would not continue to get stranded!

There's not much else to the "story" about Masha, really. She was just a great duck. She was pleasant and lovely, not to mention extremely beautiful and a GREAT reliable egg-layer.

Masha was the first of MANY ducks that we've rehomed/rescued. I was reluctant to open our flock to a new species but I am SO glad that we did - the ducks are now among my favorite animals!


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