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Animals Needing Help


If you find sick or injured wildlife, please contact 

Wildine Center of Silicon Valley using this algorithm:

If you find an injured or orphaned wild animal when WCSV is closed, you now have the option to transport the animal to VEG located at 725 Ridder Park Dr, 95131



Farm Animals


Our priority as an organization is to give a home to animals who have no other options: they are injured or ill, currently living in unsafe conditions, unwanted or disallowed in their current home, suddenly homeless, etc.   

We would LOVE to accommodate every request, but we simply aren't able to take everyone due to space, budget, and potential conflicts between new and existing residents. 


Before contacting us via the intake form (below), we suggest that you try reaching out to some of the Facebook groups listed here. Particularly if your animal is healthy (such as a laying hen), you might be surprised how quickly you will find a willing recipient!

Some FB groups require admin approval before you can post, but that usually occurs very quickly. When you post about your animal, be very clear that you are looking to re-home a PET, not an animal to be processed for MEAT. As much information as you can provide, including your location and photographs of the animal, will help you be successful.

California Rooster Rehoming

Silicon Valley Chickens

Farm Animals Needing Adoption

Farm Sanctuary's Farm Animal Adoption Network

831 n 408 Animal and Livestock

Free Unwanted Farm Animals In California

SF Bay Area/California Animal Adoption/Rescue Info Sharing Network

"Free" Horses Great Homes in California

Dogs and Cats

Our organization is a sanctuary for farm animals; we are not a dog and cat shelter. If you find you are unable to care for your dog or cat, please contact your local shelter. Please note that even a shelter listed as "no-kill" may still euthanize up to 10% of the animals it takes in due to resource constraints. 


Animal Intake Form

Do you  have a farm   animal that needs a home?

Fill out this intake form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We prefer to receive animal info via this intake form, but if you have questions or information that aren't covered in the form, feel free to email or call directly (contact buttons below). 

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