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Rancho Roben Rescues

Everyone deserves a family

The mission of Rancho Roben Rescues is to provide a loving and safe forever home to farm animals in need, while cultivating the reciprocal relationship between farm animals and people.


Over the past 9 years we have turned a backyard hobby farm into a small, self-run, farm animal sanctuary. Through our endeavors to give a great life to the animals, we have found that animals have given to us, too. The animals inspire us to be calm and content, to get along with others, to persevere through tough situations. It often feels that the value of the lessons we have learned from the animals greatly outweighs the value of the care and shelter that we provide to them.

Our relationships with these animals are mutual, communal, and unconditional.

Knowing the impact these marvelous creatures have had on us personally, it is our goal to share these experiences with our family, friends, and community. We want to engage those around us to feel the same kind of positive impact that we have felt. Most importantly, we want to give a safe, loving, compassionate home to farm animals in need. 

Please peruse our site, read the animals' stories, admire the photos, and - of course - please consider coming for a visit!

Rancho Roben Rescues is a  501c3 non-profit animal welfare organization

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