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Hamish the turkey!

This giant white turkey and his turkey brother lived with a family in our neighborhood. His human family contacted us to ask if he could live with us... his turkey brother was killed by a predator, and although the humans really wanted to keep him, he seemed lonely and they wanted him to be able to socialize like a normal bird.

They brought him to our animal sanctuary and he fit in right away! He didn't have a name when he arrived but of course we'd need to come up with a name ASAP. I was on a British Bakeoff binge and had just seen the episode where Marc makes a cake in the shape of his dog, Hamish. A more perfect name could not be possible!

There's not a whole lot else to say about Hamish the turkey except that:

1) he's very friendly

2) he's very handsome

3) he makes extremely cute noises, especially when he eats snacks

4) we absolutely love him.


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