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Oh wow, so many kittens.

To be clear, we are NOT in the business of breeding animals or encouraging reproduction. That said, there are a number of cats who live in the hills around our place, and we just can't possibly trap-neuter-release every single feral cat! We try our best; we really do.

A few weeks ago we heard a tiny little *meow* coming from a back corner of the garage, and OH GOODNESS there was a PILE of kittens behind the shelving unit! One of the feral cats from the neighborhood scoped out the "possible labor & delivery units," and landed on our garage!

So... our family is now 9 kittens richer! We will likely not keep all of them; we will take excellent care of them for as long as they are here, and we will surely be even more diligent about trap & release with all the local cats in the future :)


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