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Beatrice: one bum leg does not hold me back!

Beatrice is a cream legbar hen - a unique breed that comes with a beautiful variety of feather colors and an amazing floppy feather hat!

Beatrice was raised in a backyard by a loving family in a nearby suburb. From a very early age they noted that her legs did not look normal. Unclear if she was born with a deformity or if she suffered a major injury immediately after she was born, but either way, her left leg and foot were extremely deformed.

For a while, Beatrice was welcomed within the group and all was well. But as her hen siblings grew older, they seemed to be less tolerant of Beatrice's limitations. They were mean to her and excluded her, causing her human family to keep her separated. Still wanting to give her time outdoors, her human family gave her supervised time outdoors on a patio. They just didn't feel like this was a good way for her to live. They wanted her to have more freedom and live a more normal social life.

We were happy to take Beatrice into our family. She indeed has a very unusual-appearing leg and a very unusual way of moving around, but that definitely does not diminish her personality or feistiness! Beatrice worked her way right into the animal family with no trouble.

We are thrilled that Beatrice is able to live in a safe place with a robust social life. Her human family keeps in touch with us, comes to visit, provides donations, and in exchange we provide lots of photos and updates about this brave little hen.


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