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June: sweet little hen whose legs just stopped working

June is a fabulous little hen! This special girl came to us via a post on one of the chicken-keeping groups on Facebook. The post indicated that June was am overall healthy bird but with severe mobility issues, causing her to be bullied by the rest of the flock. Her family had to move her into an isolated area in order to keep her safe, and they didn't feel that living alone was a fair or satisfying way for a chicken to live. June's mom wondered - could anyone provide a safe home for this hen with extremely limited mobility?

Enter Rancho Roben Rescues!

We have experience caring for chickens with mobility issues, so June seemed like a perfect fit for us. We picked her up, gave her a name, and brought her to her new forever home.

June's first bath:

June's new digs:

June left us, for unknown reasons, in October 2022. Like so many chickens, she just fell asleep and didn't wake up. We believe that June felt safe, content, and was not scared. We are so thankful that, despite her limitations, June lived a good life.


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